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Recording Studio

Grand Canyon University

Phoenix, AZ

Grand Canyon University’s Center for Worship Arts recording studio was completed in 2014 for an undisclosed sum.  The 1,466 sf studio includes three band rehearsal rooms, four isolation rooms, a large vocal booth for recording and editing, a control room, and a large live room for tracking.  The spaces were designed to provide students, staff, and artists with opportunities to create and share their love for music.

The control room seats 21 additional people to accommodate a classroom setting, and features large windows for optimum viewing into the live room.  All spaces were treated for appropriate sound isolation and room acoustics, and feature fantastic panoramic views of the Valley via a curtainwall with a secondary interior glazing system with a large airspace to maximize isolation and tilted lites to offer room diffusion.

The Center for Worship Arts programs allow for collaboration with local high school musicians, who have recorded, mixed, and printed their performances with assistance from GCU students. 

MCH provided full-scope acoustical consulting.

Ref: suoLL Architects

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