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Raleigh Studios

Hollywood, CA 

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Raleigh Studios comprises 11 acres of 12 sound stages, production facilities and support space. MCH provided on-going acoustical design consultation for multiple new and renovation projects at Raleigh Studios over many years. These began with a major gutting and conversion of one of their original, old buildings into the Jordan Building. This includes multiple editing rooms, three screening rooms (one of which incorporates a Foley Stage) and associated control rooms. This was followed by a divisible, huge stage, which combines (to 32600sf) stages 11 and 12, renovations to Stage 9 and the new Sound Stage 14. Additionally, new office and support facilities were developed in new buildings on the lot.

  • 3 Large Sound Stages

  • 3 Screening Rooms, one doubles as Foley Stage

  • Multiple Editing Rooms

  • 11 acre campus

Architect:     Wylie Carter Architects
Completion:   1979 - 1990

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