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Media Lab & Allosphere at California Nanosystems Institute

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) 

Santa Barbara, CA

MCH provided acoustical consulting on the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) at the University of Santa Barbara in their digital media research labs, conference and multipurpose facilities. Labs include the Pluril Labs: Plurisonic/Pluriscopic, Immersion/Eversion Lab, the Robotics and Distributed Systems labs, the Interactive Installation Lab and the Visual Computing Lab.  The 3-D immersion Allosphere is a 3-story sphere in which fully immersive, interactive, stereoscopic/pluriphonic virtual visual and audio environments can be experienced. It enables works in which art and science contribute equally and serve as an advanced research instrument in two overlapping senses. The Allosphere also serves the needs of the nanosystems scientists, enabling envisioning in 3D spatial relationships among the nanostructures they develop.

  • Multiple digital labs for production & post

  • 3-story semi-anechoic immersion sphere

  • 111,000 GSF

  • $53M Construction Cost

Architect: Altoon+Porter w/ Venturi, Scott Brown (design)
Completion:  2007

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