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Wild Beast Music Pavilion

California Institute for the Arts (CalArts)
Valencia, CA 

This indoor/outdoor state-of-the-art music pavilion for performances, rehearsals and classes serves as a place of possibility - where creativity, innovation and collaboration know no bounds. The Wild Beast was named in honor of composer Morton Feldman's metaphor for mystery of sound and silence from which the vibrant of music emerges.

The design is highly novel acoustically, open, fluid and flexible, enabling a myriad of performance opportunities for every program in the Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts.  Despite the curious shaping, the sound is rich, warm and highly uniform. All musical styles and cultures represented in the school's curriculum can be accommodated by the pavilion's flexible design including addressing serious functional needs of our school such as additional rehearsal and classroom space.

  • 140-seat indoor music rehearsal & performance

  • 1,000 person audience when opened

  • $2.35M for 3,400sf enclosed

Architect:    Hogetts+Fung
Opened:       Fall 2009 

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