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Maritime Professional Training Center

Orange Coast College (OCC)

Newport Beach, CA

Opened in 2021, the $22M Orange Coast College Professional Mariner Training Center is a high-end, technically-unusual facility  located on Mariners Mile waterfront in Newport beach.  Serving over 1,500 students and adults annually, the two-story, 12,000sf building includes a Radar Lab, classrooms, a conference room, student center, offices, and features a custom-designed Full Mission Bridge Simulator. This state-of-the-art training solution provides budding mariners the opportunity to train in a 360-degree environment replicating a ship’s navigational bridge. A pedestrian footbridge connects the new training center to OCC’s School of Sailing and Seamanship and is open to the public for better access to the water by crossing a major thoroughfare in Newport Beach.

MCH Acoustics provided sound isolation, mechanical noise control and interior finish treatment recommendations for acoustically important spaces, with a focus on classrooms, labs and simulation rooms. Project siting immediately adjacent to the busy Pacific Coast Highway required scrupulous attention to the building’s sound-isolating facade.

MCH Media Systems Group designed carefully-considered network-based audio and video systems for future proof functionality and limitless flexibility.

Ref.: Julia Jones, HPI Architecture,  949.675-6442


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