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Garrison Theater & Music Facility

Scripps College
Claremont, CA 

The renovated Garrison Theater was incorporated into a large Music Facility expansion. Additions include a 110-seat variable acoustics recital/rehearsal/lecture hall, music faculty studios, multiple practice rooms and library. An extended fore-stage and proscenium "cheek walls" were designed to better direct stage sound to both audience and performers.  MCH model-tested multiple concepts with laser light substituting for "sound rays" reflecting off mirrored, prospective new wall and ceiling surfaces. Removing both the absorptive finishes and the ceiling while applying dense plaster to the roof underside extended Garrisons reverberation. Arrays of sidewall panels increase diffusion and redirect lateral sound that had previously been simply lost.


  • 700 seat multipurpose Auditorium

  • 110 seat Recital and Choral Rehearsal Hall

  • Faculty Music Studios and Music Library

  • Multiple Music Teaching and Practice Rooms

  • $12M total cost


Architect: BOORA Architects
Completion: 2003

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