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Performing Arts Center

John Adams Middle School

Santa Monica, CA

John Adams Middle School (JAMS) in Santa Monica, California, completed a $30 million dollar expansion in 2021, creating brand new, cutting-edge performing arts facilities within the existing campus. This dynamic arts center will be shared with neighboring Santa Monica College, carefully integrating needs for both middle school and college users.  New buildings include a flexible indoor-outdoor rehearsal/multi-purpose hall, and a performing arts center that houses a 750-seat auditorium, all associated support and back-of-house areas, and a choir rehearsal room with variable acoustics. 

The auditorium incorporates a tailored electronic acoustical enhancement system, including a “virtual shell”, providing users with a wide range of acoustical ambience options, for both music and speech.

MCH provided full acoustical consulting services. Important issues included very quiet background noise levels for superior audio performance; excellent interior and exterior sound isolation for the auditorium and choir room; and tailored, visually-striking acoustical treatments to optimize audio and listening conditions. 

The results have been praised by faculty and students alike, and have been featured in numerous publications, including ArchDaily, Architect Magazine, and Architizer.

Ref.: HGA Architects


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