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Midwestern University Auditorium

Midwestern University
Glendale, AZ 

This 40,000 SF innovative auditorium at Midwestern University's rapidly growing campus in Glendale, AZ deploys movable partitions creating up to 5 various sized lecture rooms that can function concurrently.  With the presentation stage at its core, the partitions can be retracted to create one large space  seating 2,600 accommodating major campus events, presentations and graduation ceremonies as well as community-hosted functions. The ceiling design was carefully engineered to permit easy, unamplified Q&A among audience/students for all but the very largest space arrangement.  MCH provided full scope Acoustical and Audiovisual design.

  • 2600-seat Divisible Conference/Classroom Center

  • 5 Classrooms may run concurrently at 500 seats each

  • Used for Graduation and related ceremonies

  • Undisclosed cost

Architect:     DWL Architects
Completion:   2008

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