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Sky Train

Phoenix Sky Harbor

Phoenix, AZ

To transport the 120,000 daily passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, PHX Sky Train - a free, 24-hour transportation service - has been extended 2.5 miles from Terminal 3 to the Rental Car Center where 5,300 cars are rented daily. 

Phase 1 of the $740M project linked parking lots, garages, Light Rail Stations, and Terminal together to increase traveller efficiency and improve the overall experience.   Now in Phase 2 and an expectation of being operational by 2022, construction of the guideway running surface and expansion of the maintenance facility are underway.  New trains will be refreshed to include improved signage and wayfinding to help guests navigate the train schedules.  

Once Phase 2 is complete, Terminal 2 airlines will move to Terminal 3, Terminal 2 will be demolished, and future Sky Train projects will include a future West Ground Transportation Center and future station for an additional West terminal.

Sky Train has already achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

MCH provided full-scope acoustical and AV/IT/security/infrastructure consulting.

Ref: Gannett Fleming


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