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Mariposa Point of Entry

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Nogales, AZ

This ambitious federal project was a $200M expansion of Arizona's largest commercial, and third busiest, Land Port of Entry, which processes more vehicles than the JFK & LAX airports process planes, combined! Mariposa is Arizona’s largest gateway for international trade with close to 300,000 trucks and buses, 450,000 pedestrians and over 1.2 million cars per year. Arizona State University Researchers forecast this volume to double by 2025. Integral to the complex function &. movement of trucks, buses, cars, and pedestrians, a “desert oasis” assures a secure, safe, yet uplifting experience.  This is a cultural connection, rather than a division. The expanded facility' includes a pedestrian and bus passenger processing facility; 12 primary inspection booths; 24 secondary inspection stations for northbound vehicles; eight commercial inspection lanes; 50 commercial inspection docks; 6 screened and secure inspection docks; administration buildings; and approximately 400 new surface parking spaces. Designed to achieve a LEED Silver certification, it uses electricity-generating photovoltaic solar panels, solar-powered domestic hot water, and advanced lighting. 20% of the facility’s energy is produced on site with solar power. Under roof is approximately 300,000sf with 136,000sf for principal buildings. Project was completed in 2014.

MCH provided Acoustical design services to ensure suitable conditions for clear speech communication in this noisy environment.

Reference: Neal Jones, AIA (602) 264-2941


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