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Long Beach Courthouse, Governor George Deukmejian

Los Angeles County
Long Beach, CA 

The low-rise, L-shaped Superior Court building designed by AECOM houses 31 civil and criminal courtrooms. The court will occupy roughly 80 percent of the overall space, totaling 531,000 sf.  The new building serves about 800 workers and draws 3,500 to 4,500 visitors daily. It includes a "sally port," or controlled-entry space, and an in-custody holding facility. The state plans to remodel the Magnolia Avenue parking structure south of Broadway, expanding its capacity to more than 900 spaces. The existing courthouse remained open during construction.  MCH provided full-scope acoustical/AV/IT and Security Consulting.

  • 31 Courtrooms w/ attendant judges chambers

  • 9,200sf Retail Space included

  • new 900 stall parking garage 

  • 531,000sf total for $490M Construction Cost

Architect:  AECOM
Completion:  2013

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